Energy is the ability to do work. Everything we do requires energy. Our bodies get the energy they need from food. We use fossil fuels to power our cars and provide our houses with electricity. Energy is an easy ecological address component to overlook because we often don't see the source where our energy comes from. It is also, however, the component that touches our lives the most and on which we have perhaps the greatest impact. Think about the energy that you use in a day. Where does your electricity come from? How does your food get to your table? How far did it travel to get there? What resources were used to produce it?

Resources for Exploring Energy

U.S. Department of Energy- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Click on "NC" and then click on "Energy Statistics" to find news about advances in renewable energy and energy efficiency in North Carolina as well as links to websites published by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) that have specific information for North Carolina.

N.C. Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources The Energy Section in the Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable energy future for the citizens of North Carolina. This section provide services and technical expertise focused on energy efficiency in the public sector, encouraging the growth and development of the state’s energy economy and making North Carolina a leader in the creation of energy jobs.

Energy Resources for North Carolina Teachers This blog is designed for North Carolina’s K-12 teachers who are interested in the topic of energy and alternative energy. It is maintained through UNC-Chapel Hill’s Institute for the Environment. It includes the latest news, cool figures, and great classroom resources on energy.

The Energy Story The Energy Story goes through 20 chapters starting with what is energy and electricity, through fossil fuels, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and finally ending with the future of energy. If you click on "Home" the clock link will take you to a tutorial on the history of different forms of energy.