Environmental Education Program Providers

To find classroom visits and in-school field trips from environmental education organizations and agencies across North Carolina, search our online resource database. Select "Outreach Programs and Speakers" on the resource type, and enter a keyword or keywords to narrow the search.

Environmental Education Centers

Many North Carolina Environmental Education Centers offer outreach programs that come to you. Contact centers in your area to find out about their classroom visits or in-school field trip programs. 

Department of Environmental Quality

The N.C. Division of Coastal Management has six classroom activities for PreK-12th grades that the Rachel Carson Reserve educators can provide to classrooms. There are options available to do some activities at the Reserve or other locations.

The N.C. Division of Air Quality can come to classrooms to share air quality activities with students in K-12th grades to help individuals and organizations understand how voluntary actions can reduce air pollution and improve health.

The Division of Water Resources offers in-school field trips available for North Carolina’s PreK-12th grade students.  These field trips are offered to classrooms who are looking to increase their understanding of water’s characteristics, connections to other Earth Systems, natural resources and management. Email Lauren Daniel at lauren.daniel@ncdenr.gov