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Professional Development

The NC Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs offers the NC Environmental Education Certification program and serves as the state's environmental education information clearinghouse. The office provides resources, support and consultation for North Carolina's PreK-12 teachers, nonformal educators, homeschool educators and the public.  You can use the environmental education website to find professional development opportunities for educators as well as outdoor experiences, field trips, curriculum, lesson plans and classroom visits. These opportunities and resources are offered by agencies, organizations, colleges, and universities throughout North Carolina. The office also identifies and promotes programs provided by the state's environmental education centers, including nature and science centers, arboretums, public gardens, museums, coastal reserves, zoos, aquariums and local, state, and national parks and forests. The Office is a state agency within the NC Department of Environmental Quality. 

River Basin Program

Our River Basin Program is one of the most popular resources for Environmental Educators.

Learn more about our River Basin Program

color-coded map of North Carolina river basins