Criteria IV

Teaching Experiences - 30 hours

Total of 30 hours: Including 20 hours of actual teaching, 10 of which must be conducted outdoors. Up to 10 hours of preparation and/or follow-up time may be counted toward the 30 hours.

This component recognizes the candidate’s efforts to share with others the knowledge and skills gained through participation in Criteria I, II and III. It also encourages educators to become confident teaching outdoors and to practice using appropriate teaching methods. Your teaching activities should provide hands-on, interactive experiences for the audience and should support the definition of environmental education. Audiences may include students, youth groups such as faith-based groups, scouts or 4-H clubs, and various adult groups. Lessons may be 1 – 6 hours in length, with each lesson taught no more than three times. Please submit documentation for each lesson online through your online account. *Lessons must be minium of one hour up to a maximum of six hours per lesson.