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Criteria III

Knowledge of Environmental Education Resources and Facilities - 30 hours

Total of 30 hours with a maximum of 10 hours per experience (At least 10 hours of the 30 must be site visits to Environmental Education Centers).

The intent of Criteria III is to increase knowledge of EE resources and facilities and to encourage networking opportunities. These hours can include EE-related workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures, programs, etc. that are held indoors, outdoors or as webinars or online courses if they relate directly to EE.

At least 10 hours must be visits to Environmental Education Centers. A site visit consists of a visit to a recognized N.C. Environmental Education Center and should involve activities such as viewing educational exhibits, exploring interpretive trails or gardens and speaking with educational staff. Site visits are not part of workshops but are typically done on your own with the purpose of familarizing yourself with the facility. For example, you may stay after a workshop held at an Environmental Education Center to tour the center on your own time or you may explore a center with your family on a weekend trip.

You must have a total of 10 site visit hours in Criteria III. Five of those hours must be outside of your home region and the remaining five can be in your home region. You can use this map to help you plan your visits or use the zip code search feature to find Environmental Education Centers near you. You may visit areas outside of N.C., but these cannot count towards your out of region requirement. If you live outside of North Carolina, you are required to do at least 5 site vist hours in North Carolina (in any region or combination of regions of the state).