Enrollees have four years from their enrollment date to complete the program. Program participants can count previous workshops and experiences that meet program requirements up to one year prior to their official enrollment date. Visit our enrollment page for more information on how to get started.

Program Portfolio

This self-paced, experiential program includes six different components. Click on each Criteria for a full description.

1 - Approved Instructional Workshops Criteria I 

2 - Outdoor Environmental Education Experiences Criteria II

3 - Knowledge of Environmental Education Resources and Facilities Criteria III

4 - Teaching Criteria IV

5 - Community Partnership Project Criteria V

6 - Continuing Education in Environmental Education Criteria VI

Submitting Documentation

Criteria I through III and continuing education credits are documented with an EE Form which can be scanned and emailed to EEcertificationNC@lists.deq.nc.gov or mailed to the Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs, 1601 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-1601. Criteria IV and V submissions are entered directly by you into your online portfolio account which is created when you enroll. If you forget your password, a reminder can be sent to you. Just click "My Account" on our homepage.

We strongly recommend that enrollees keep copies (hardcopy and/or scanned copies) of their EE Forms for their own records. The office does not maintain hard copies of program documentation.