Certified Environmental Educators in North Carolina by County

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This interactive map shows N.C. Certified Environmental Educators who are currently active in North Carolina. Counties shown in green have certified environmental educators. Counties shown in gray do not currently have certified educators. Use your mouse to hover over a county, and a list of all certified educators will appear. Click on "Text Version" to view a list of all the counties and the names of the certified educators.

Educator Interviews

Secretary Regan asks Libbie Dobbs-Alexander, ecoEXPLORE Coordinator at the North Carolina Arboretum, how the EE Certification Program helped her career and provided service to her community and beyond.

Ballentine Elementary Academic Enrichment Teacher Kathy Wall tells Secretary Regan why she as a classroom teacher pursued environmental education certification and how it has helped her leverage programs and resources, like Shad in the Classroom.

DEQ Secretary Michael S Regan congratulates Michael Romano of Greensboro Parks and Recreation for completing the NC Environmental Educator Certification program and they discuss his work and community project.