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This list is open to anyone with an interest in environmental education in North Carolina. It is moderated by the N.C. Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs. Posts for environmental education and workshops, job opportunities, new resources, programs, and environmental education conferences and events are welcome.


Due to the large membership, we must follow these guidelines in order to keep the list open for individual posts and to keep the number of posts manageable. 

1* Use a clear subject line and please include the date and location for events, workshops, and other placed-based opportunities. Posts without this information will either be rejected or the subject line will be edited and resent by the list administrators. 

2* Please keep posts relevant to environmental education programs and opportunities in North Carolina. 

3* NC-EE is too large to be used as discussion board or to post specific questions to the membership- Contact individuals directly if you need more information on a specific topic. If you have specific questions, contact the office staff first who may be able to refer you to specific resources or individuals.

4* Attachments: The list does take attachments, but remember that for some list members, their emails may block or scrub attachments, or they may have email systems with limited email memory space. Please use attachments as supplemental information and put important information in the body of the email post.

5* Please do not post messages related to environmental issue advocacy 
(calls for rallies, protests, petitions, fundraisers, etc. that advocate a specific course of action). 

6* Do not use NC-EE to advertise products, commercial services, or fundraising events or campaigns. 

7* NC-EE has more than 3,000 members--we encourage posts, but please be discerning and do not "over post." Limit event postings to once a month (two is ok if the second post is a reminder closer to the event date). 

8*Please do not reply to the list email or forward emails or posts from other listservs without editing the content and clearly identifying the purpose of the email in the subject . Unedited forwarded emails may be rejected. 

9*Do not "CC" large numbers of emails along with NC-EE posts--they may be rejected as a spam attempt. Also please do not include NC-EE as an email if you are emailing all of your email contacts or large list of contacts. These will be rejected. 

10. Please do not post your organization's newsletter email or link, or forward other newsletter emails to the NC list. However, you may periodically (please no more than twice a year) notify list members of your newsletter subscription if it is relevant to environmental education in North Carolina.