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Environmental Education Centers

EE Center

North Carolina Environmental Education Centers

Environmental Education Centers (EE Centers) are facilities that provide quality environmental education for the public, including outdoor experiences, exhibits and programs. They serve as vital partners in the N.C. Environmental Education Certification Program and are a valuable resource for classroom teachers, parents and nonformal educators. The N.C. Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs identifies and lists these facilities as an aspect of our environmental education outreach.

There are currently more than 200 EE Centers recognized in North Carolina. They consist of federal, state, and local government facilities, as well as non-profit, corporate-sponsored and university-operated centers. North Carolina Environmental Education Centers are committed to professionalism and cooperation with other environmental education facilities and programs through the N.C. Association of Environmental Education Centers.

This online and the print version of the Guide to Environmental Education Centers in North Carolina is informational in nature. Visitors should research each facility further before visiting and taking part in programs. Note that operating hours, visitor entrance fees (if applicable) and program policies at individual facilities are subject to change--we recommend contacting facilities or checking individual websites before planning a visit.

Nature Play and Learning Places are also great environments for children to explore the natural world!

An alphabetical listing of all N.C. Environmental Education Centers.
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Search for EE Centers near you by city or zip code. You can also filter results by type of programs and/or amenities such as hiking trails, boating, meeting rooms, exhibits and much more! You can create custom online maps of your EE Center searches by clicking the orange "MAP RESULTS" button on your returned search results.

North Carolina Association of Environmental Education Centers
Learn more about this important partner in environmental education, including contacts for their executive board. Includes the definition of a North Carolina Environmental Education Center.