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Criteria 2

jordan lake canoe hike

Outdoor Experiences

Total of 50 hours of structured outdoor experiences with a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 10 hours per experience. 

To qualify as Criteria II, at least 60 percent of the entire event must be spent outdoors. The intent of Criteria II is to introduce environmental educators to skills and outdoor experiences that affect the learner vividly and demand use of all senses.  The candidate should participate in a variety of outdoor experiences that are led by qualified instructors (i.e., rangers, guides, teachers, facilitators, professors).  The N.C. Office of Environmental Education provides a calendar of statewide events that may qualify for this component.  Opportunities include:

Although some workshops may qualify for both Criteria I: Workshops, and Criteria II: Environmental Education Experiences in the Outdoors, you may apply each workshop towards only one category. To submit documentation, please complete one EE Form per experience. If the EE Form is not signed, please attach a photocopy of the workshop certificate.


"The NC EE Certification program was an incredible experience that helped me grow as a professional, gave me good ideas for activities and programs, introduced me to some amazing people and to some incredible areas of our state." -NC Certified Environmental Educator