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Basics of EE - independent study

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Course Materials

This is an independent study and can be completed on your own time. It is a prerequisite for taking the Methods of Teaching Environmental Education workshop, which is also a required course for NC EE Certification. The Basics of EE consists of a group of articles that you will read and then answer the follow-up discussion questions.

Participants are encouraged to complete the readings in the sequential order for full understanding. Your completed answers to the discussion questions should be between 40-200 words per question. Do not submit answers to the discussion questions until all 12 are completed. Please refer to the Basics of EE Checklist to make sure you have answered all questions adequately.

Links for the Basics of EE:

Download Adobe Reader for free in order to view the articles.

You can download the questions as a pdf or as a Word document

Questions (pdf)

Questions (Word)

Refer to the Basics of EE Checklist to make sure you have thoroughly answered all of the questions

Your answers should be sent as an attachment to subject line should be your full name and Basics of EE. Example: John Doe – Basics of EE. The Basics of EE counts as 10 hours in Criteria I; a Form B is not necessary. You will be notified when your response has been accepted.